CHILDREN’S ROOM RENOVATION - increase public space, improve ADA compliance and energy efficiencies. 

Take a look at the results! Remember, this is just PHASE 1 out of 3 phases. What's next? We have a lot of IDEAS! 

Week of June 5th: New lighting system installed. Later thisweek floor will be leveled and new concrete poured.


  • $24,000 through NYS Construction Grant program for libraries
  • $50,000 Grant from Assemblywoman Sandy Galef
  • $4,000 Special Legislative Grant from Senator Sue Serino



  1. Remove wall that encloses half of an unused staircase √
  2. Remove unused staircase √
  3. Address electrical issues and install an electrical panel downstairs 
  4. Install new efficient lighting
  5. New Ra lighting system – inside and outside
  6. Install three new energy efficient windows √
  7. Install tile carpet squares
  8. Widening of bathroom door
  9. Move boiler to new location
  10. Install new door for new boiler room
  11. Install closet for IT equipment

Facilities Committee new walkway ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Pictured left to right: Gail Watson, Mike LaRocco, Hilary Hayes, Pam Markano, Phil Cotennec, Al Zgolinski, Pete Downey, Dennis Gagnon, Scott Andersen, Candy Zgolinski, Kara Bickham, and Judy Meyer.


In 2009, the library established a Facilities Committee. The purpose of this group was to ensure that the library made sound facility decisions. Over the years, the committee has included local architects, trades people, and designers. They have overseen several projects, like the installation of new walkways in 2012. Planning for the Children’s Room renovation began in 2011! During that time, the library secured funding for the first phase of our project. (see FUNDING left)

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning! The library will seek new funding sources for Phases 2 and 3.  Once again, the library will seek additional funding through the annual NYS Construction Grant program.

We will have special fundraising opportunities in the near future … stay tuned!

Three phases to complete the renovation of the Children's Room.
Goal is to increase public space while improving energy efficiencies.
The first phase will be complete by the end of June.


As of Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Staircase - REMOVED

Wall (small) - REMOVED

Sheetrock - REMOVED

Flooring - REMOVED

Electric - Identifying and rerouting as necessary. New electrical panel to be installed.

As of Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Electric panel - INSTALLED

Door to new boiler room - CUT

Do you have any questions about our project? Don't hesitate to contact Gillian Thorpe, Library Director.