Oral History of Philipstown

In the mid 1990s, the Library was involved in a grant to record long time citizens recollecting local history. The stories include noteworthy residents, events, establishments, and what life was like in Philipstown in the past. The individuals were recorded during events, then the tapes were housed at the library for people to listen.  The tapes have now been turned into MP3 files and uploaded to our site. The sound quality on some of the recordings isn't great, but still worth a listen! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

History of George Pope Morris

Two parts to this program. Oral interpretations of his work, history of his life, singing of his songs, and reading of his poems.

In the second part, Judge Chester Nelson talks about old time residents, the mines, Indians and Revolutionary War stories.

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George Pope Morris

Julia L.Butterfield Family History

An account of documents found in the Butterfield library, which detail events in Julia Butterfield's life.

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Butterfield Family

Helen Robinson & Jesse Hammond

Nelsonville residents Helen Robinson and Jesse Hammond are interviewed by a teenage student about their lives in Cold Spring. They talk about school, recreational activities, old stores, and so much more. 

History of Philipstown & Garrison

An oral history of the Philipstown/Garrison area, with a focus on the Manitou plant.

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Philipstown/Garrison History

History of west point foundry

A detailed oral history of the West Point Foundry, its influence on the surrounding towns, the Parrot gun, and Constitution Island.

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West Point Foundry History

Dinner Honoring Bertha Tate

A series of toasts led by Judge James Bailey, honoring former Haldane English teacher and Butterfield trustee, Bertha Tate. A number of former students and coworkers speak, sharing many humorous stories and wise words regarding Ms. Tate.

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Bertha Tate Dinner

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