We believe it is important for the community to understand how our library is funded.  Please take a moment to look through our financial reports, budgets and history.  If you have any questions, please contact Gillian Thorpe, Library Director.

After 9 years without an increase in funding, the Butterfield Library could no longer sustain the level of services it offers the community. The Library used New York State Education Law 259 to seek funding from taxpayers of the Haldane School District.  The vote passed and the Library can restore cut services.

The Library has made significant cuts/reductions to the operating budget in order to last 9 years without an increase in funding.
  • Program budget was reduced by 50%
  • Materials budget was cut by 60%
  • Elimination of staff position
  • Moved to free Internet service - too slow/cannot handle use
  • Received grants/gifts to cover basic services  (summer reading , computers and programs)


The Butterfield Library was established in 1913, through Mrs. Julia L. Butterfield's Will.  The Library building was built on the foundation of the Dutch Reform Church in 1922, and the doors opened in May of 1925. The Library has proudly served the Philipstown community for 90 years!  
In 2006, the Library secured funding from the Town of Philipstown taxpayers.  Prior to this, the Library received a gift from the town, but the amount was not secure and could be reduced or cut at any time.
The Library experienced a large increase in use in recent years.  
  • Opened 9 additional hours a week
  • Circulation increased over 710%
  • Program and materials budget increased to meet the demand of users
  • Increased online resources (ancestry.com, Netflix, etc.)
  • Free educational summer camps for Philipstown residents
  • Museum passes for Philipstown residents (learn more)
Tuition-Free Summer Camps
for Philipstown Residents

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Judy Meyer, President
Dennis Gagnon, Vice President
Michael LaRocco, Treasurer
Pam Markano, Secretary
Marjorie Gage, Trustee
Gillian Thorpe, Library Director

Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the library.  
Board meetings are open to the public.  
Please contact Gillian Thorpe at [email protected] to get a copy of this month's agenda or archived minutes.  
If you wish to be put on the agenda, please contact us at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
Trustees are volunteers and are not compensated for their time.  
Each Butterfield Trustee appointment is approved by the Putnam County Surrogate Court of New York State.  
The Library operates under New York State Education and must meet library standards and guidelines.