Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Human Library book?

A person who volunteers to talk about their life story. Most human books have experienced prejudice and/or discrimination because of their identity or part of their identity.

Typically, a person chooses to be a book because they believe that their story can affect another person's understanding of a certain culture, subculture, or identity.

Should I be a book?

It depends. Do you feel that your experience can help others empathize with people who identify in ways similar to yourself?

Remember, a Human Library can be an emotionally challenging space. Consider what you are willing to discuss, what limits you have, and when or why you might need to opt out (NOTE: opting out is always okay!).

How can I prepare to be a book?

First, you need to sign up! Do so here: Human Book Registration Form. Now, think about your story. What part (or parts) of your story can you tell in 20 minutes? Remember: you don't need to tell us everything. Just talk about the stuff that will help others get to know you. Consider stories that involve a dilemma or conflict you had to overcome. Then reflect on how you can use that story to enrich another person's understanding. Don't forget: your "readers" will probably have questions for you. Be ready to answer, especially when it comes to questions that might be uncomfortable or awkward. Again, you can always opt out by choosing not to answer a question or by ending the conversation entirely.

Do you have any examples of Human Books?


The following are just a few titles selected by persons who have chosen to be human books:

Alcoholic | Autism (ASD) | Bipolar | Convert | Homeless | New to Country | Sexually Abused | Unemployed