Sustainability at Butterfield

Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Butterfield Library is enrolled in the SLI Certification Program, through which we are building a more sustainable present & future for our library and community.

Library of Things

Our vast Library of Things helps you access the equipment you need without having to buy it. 

Pollinator Gardens & Native Plants

We have planted three separate pollinator gardens, and we have more than a dozen native plant species thriving on library grounds.


We partner with local educators and organizations to bring you sustainability-focused programming. (If you have an idea for sustainable programming, please let us know!)

Print Releaf

We have partnered with PrintReleaf, an organization which plants trees to offset the printer paper we use.


By working with TerraCycle, we can recover difficult-to-recycle materials so they can be reused, instead of sent to landfills or incinerators. Visit or call the Library to learn more about what we are currently accepting for TerraCycle.

Trash Collecting & Recycling

We pick up trash on the grounds daily, and we have added a recycling container to our Reading Garden.

Herbicides & Chemicals

We pledge not to use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemically-derived fertilizers on library property. We also use  plant-based cleaning products.